The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674 to 1913

Use this site to search 197,745+ trials held at London's Central Criminal Court. All names are indexed including victims, witnesses and jurors. You can search keywords combined with surname, crime, punishment and others. Full transcripts of the trial are returned with your search term highlighted. There are also links to the original images. Other searches available include Associated Records 1674-1834 and Place and Map Search 1674-1834. Take some time to explore what else this site has to offer. Some of the offerings under Research and Study Guides include:
• Crime, justice and punishment
• London and its hinterlands
• Community Histories: - Black communities, Chinese communities, Gypsies and Travellers, homosexuality, Huguenot and French London, Irish London and Jewish communities
• Gender in the Proceedings - Gender roles; feminism and the suffragettes; gender and crime, justice and punishment; researching gender in the Proceedings
• The Old Bailey Courthouse - Architectural history of London's Central Criminal Court, 1673-1913
• Glossary - Guide to unfamiliar judicial and historical terms