Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the archives of the State Government of Victoria. The collection records date from 1830s. Online collections and digitised records are available in the following categories. Selected records for Family History in some categories are listed.
Aboriginal records

Koorie index of names 1839-1946
Superintendent correspondence, Aboriginal affairs
Native Police Corps, Narre Warren 1845-1853
See the Koorie Records Unit
Soldier Settlement Scheme - See Battle To Farm
Buildings, government
Public building plans and files 1920s-1988
Public Works Department plans 1840-1999
Courts and Justice
Divorce files and cause books
Early colonial administration
Fisheries and wildlife
Health and welfare
Register of vaccinations, Registrar General 1857-1932
Register of patients, Bendigo receiving ward, 1874-1908
Nominal register of patients, Royal Park Hospital for the Insane 1907-1913
Children’s ward registers 1864-1879
Land and property
Historic plans collection
Summary Contract Books, 1856-1935
Flemington and Kensington Rate Books, 1882-1894
Melbourne Rate Books, 1861-1975
Hotham/North Melbourne Rate Books, 1855-1905
Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans
Beechworth Indigo Shire rate books, 1856–1871
Box Hill rate books 1936-1946
Local Government records (municipal records)
Maps and Plans
Historic plans collection
Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans
Passenger records and immigration
Assisted passenger lists 1839-1971 index; index and images available on
Coastal passenger lists 1852-1923 available on Findmypast
Outwards passenger lists those who travelled from Victoria to the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Foreign Ports 1852-1923
Unassisted passenger lists unassisted passengers to Victoria from British, Foreign and New Zealand Ports index; index and images available on
Prisons, correctional services, convicts
Register of Male and Female Prisoners 1855-1947
Capital case and capital sentence files
Notification of exiles 1844-1849
Day Book of the Native Police 1845-1853
Register, Police Magistrate, Portland 1840-1853
Register of convicts 1842-1854
Register of prisoners under sentence of hard labour 1847-1853
Alphabetical index to central register of male prisoners 1868-1947
Alphabetical index to central register of female prisoners 1857-1948
Publicans and hotels
Index to defunct hotel licenses 1857-1932
Regional Victorian archived records
Schools, education and teachers
Non-Government School Records
Teacher records 1863-1959
Index to Special Case Files, Education Department 1862-1977
Register of Special Case Files, Education Department 1852-1977
Copy of inward and outward correspondence Board of Education, 1849-1851
Wills and probate
Wills and Probates are available 1841-2016. The records 1841-1925 are online with free access to images of the wills and probates. FamilySearch has an index to Victorian Probate Registers 1841-1989 with free index images